Advanced DNS settings in the Admin console not loading


Google Domains Registration is active, but you cannot access the advanced DNS from the Google Workspace Admin console. The page will stay blank and will not finish loading.


  • Admin Console


  1. In the Admin console, go to Menu > Account > Domains > Manage domains.
  2. Next to your domain name, click View details in the Status column.
  3. Click Advanced DNS settings 
  4. Sign in to the DNS console.
You will be taken to a new tab and there you can paste the sign in user and password from the Admin console page, this way you will be able to access the domain settings where you can update any record.


If you have the personal account as the primary, the reason your super admin user cannot access the advanced DNS page from the Admin console is because at the time you click the link to be redirected to the DNS console, your browser redirects the session to the primary account in the browser that you are using.