Allow G Meet meeting from 3rd party devices


As an administrator, you can set up Google Meet to let participants join your organization’s Meet video meetings from third-party vdevices using Pexip.


  • Google Meet
  • Interoperability
  • Third party devices


Turn on Meet interoperability for Pexip

Step 1: Add interoperability gateways

  1. In your Admin console  
  2.  Go to Menu > Apps > Google Workspace > Google Meet.
  3. Click Interoperability tokens > Add a token.
  4. Select Pexip from the dropdown menu.
  5. Enter a token name for your own reference and click Create a token.
  6. Copy the token to the clipboard and click Close.
    Important: Be sure to copy the token. It will not be shown again.
  7. Send the gateway token to Pexip.
  8. On the Interoperability tokens list, under Trusted devices, choose how you want third-party systems to connect to this gateway:
    • To require third-party systems to ask before connecting to a meeting, click Turn off.
    • To allow third-party systems to connect without asking, click Turn on.

Step 2: Turn on Meet interoperability for Pexip

  1. In the Meet video settings section, click Gateway Interoperability.
  2. In the Interoperability section, check the Allow interoperability with other systems box.
  3. Choose the format for the meeting IDs used to join meetings:
    • Use long meeting IDs—Allow third-party systems to join automatically by SIP URI or when participants manually enter IDs into the system. Long IDs are added to calendar events and invites when events are created and can be used as long as the Meet link itself is available.
      Best practice: Long meeting IDs are recommended for most domains.
    •  Use short meeting IDs—Let participants join meetings using third-party systems by entering short IDs. When you choose this option, calendar events and invites contain a link to a page where participants get the short ID. Short IDs themselves are not added to calendar events and invites, SIP URIs are not generated, and calendar integrations don’t work. To join meetings using third-party systems, participants always need to enter the short IDs manually. Short IDs expire about 2 weeks after the last time they are used to join a meeting.
      Best practice: Short meeting IDs are recommended only for domains with existing interoperability configurations during transition periods while integrated joining options roll out.
    • Use both long and short meeting IDs—Provide both long IDs, which support calendar integrations, and short IDs, which support systems with limited-input functionality. Calendar events and invites show both long IDs and the link to the page where participants get short IDs. Participants can join meetings from supported third-party systems using a single touch. Participants can also join by manually entering long IDs (from events and invites) or short IDs (retrieved from a link in the calendar event or invite).
      Best practice: Using both long and short meeting IDs is recommended for domains that need to support both third-party systems with calendar integrations and systems with limited-input functionality, such as remote controls that make entering meeting IDs time-consuming or error-prone.
  4. Enter the gateway IP address, gateway hostname, and meeting ID prefix. External guests use these to join Meet meetings from third-party systems. What you enter should match the settings of your Pexip Infinity gateway.
  5. (Optional) To set up interoperability for Skype for Business:  
    1. In the Interoperability with Skype for Business section, check the Provide an additional gateway for Skype for Business users box. 
    2. In the hostname field, enter the Pexip Skype for Business hostname. To get this hostname, contact Pexip.
  6. Click Save. If you configured an organizational unit or group, you might be able to either Inherit or Override a parent organizational unit, or Unset a group.

    In most cases, existing third-party calendar integrations discover new SIP URIs for Meet, and upcoming Meet video meetings appear on meeting lists automatically.

    To get joining information for Skype for Business, participants click More joining options on the calendar event or invite.