Cannot add users on accounts transferred from reseller


After transfering an account from a reseller to Google, you get the following error mesage:
You have reached the user limit for your domain.


  • Google Workspace accounts transferred from a reseller


If you have issues creating new users in your Google Workspace account after being transferred from a reseller, please contact Google Workspace support to increase the user limit in your account.

Note: For security reasons and to avoid abuse, Google Workspace has a maximum number of 50 users for new accounts.

If your limit is higher than 50 users, you may need to make a payment in advance to cover 50% of the total cost number of users you need in your account. For example, if you require 100 users, you have to make a payment for the total cost of 50 users depending on the pricing of the Google Workspace edition you currently have.

Once the payment has been made, support will be able to assist you to increase the user limit in your account. Keep in mind that the payment you make is not an extra fee, you are just paying in advance the cost of the users, so your payment is added as credit in your account and will be used to cover your subscription cost in the following month.


When an account is transferred from a reseller to Google, there is a grace period before you are required to set up billing. The reseller normally leaves the same number of users as the limit of users, this limit is kept when the account is transferred to Google.