Error moving files with Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app


When attempting to use the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app, you get a message saying that the admin does not allow use of the app or that you need to contact IT.


  • Android Device Management
  • Device using a Google Workspace account as the main account 


Samsung recommends to use the managed configurations as a possible work around (it might not always work). The steps on how to configure this are the following:
  1. Log in to the Admin console.
  2. Navigate to Apps > Web and mobile apps.
  3. Look for the Smart Switch app.
  4. Click Add app > Search for apps, look for Smart Switch app click Select, then complete the setup by selecting the OU and finish the process. 
  5. Click on the app that should be listed now and then click Managed configurations.
  6. Select Add managed configuration.
  7. Turn on Allow SmartSwitch Run and save the changes. 


The app has being built to be used on personal devices and is not compatible with managed devices, this is a limitation on the app itself.