Cannot revoke parallel app license from a deleted user


When attempting to revoke the app license, you cannot select the Revoke button.


  • Chrome OS


First, you must recover the deleted user and then you can revoke the license. To do so please follow the steps described below:

To recover to the deleted user:
  1. Go to your Admin Console Menu > Directory > Users.
  2. Click More options > Recently deleted users.
  3. Point to the user  and click Recover.
  4. Review the confirmation notice and click Continue.
  5. Click Recover.
Revoke License:
  1. In your Admin console
  2. Go to Menu > Devices > Chrome > Apps & extensions > Users & browsers.
  3. Click the App Licensing tab.
  4. On the left, select Users.
  5. Search and select the user whose license details you want to see. 
  6. Select the app to see the license access and assignment details. 
Optional: You can also assign or revoke a license if the user has access to the app. If this is the case you can apply of the following options:
  • Click Assign license: To assign the app license to the user.
  • Click Revoke license: To revoke the assigned app license from the user.
Note: Usually it takes up to 24 hours for this change to take effect, but in rare cases it can take up to 5 days. The user might be visible in real time but the data and other settings is still in propagation, this might be the reason why you are still not able to revoke the license.


The current user was removed while the license is still assigned.