Cannot transfer Google Workspace licenses


You are unable to switch a user's license between Google Workspace subscriptions (with partial domain licensing).


  • Admin console 
  • Billing
  • Partial Domain Licensing


  1. Open the Admin console.
  2. Go to Billing > Google Workspace Business Standard (or the subscription you would like to assign to the user).
  3. Click More.
  4. Select Purchase More Licenses.
  5. Follow the on-screen steps.
  6. Go back to the Admin console's home page, go to Users.
  7. Click the name (not the box next to it) of the user in question.
  8. Locate and expand (click) Licenses.
  9. Click Google Workspace Business Starter (or the existing edition) and select the edition related to the license that was just purchased.
  10. Toggle the license on.
  11. Click Save.



All licenses were already assigned so there was a need to purchase more.