Chrome bookmarks missing after managed profile creation


Bookmarks and other Chrome sync data disappear after you create a new managed profile with the Chrome profile separation prompt on Chrome 102.


  • Chrome Browser
  • Windows
  • Mac


 In this case you must enable the option to keep the old Chrome sync data when creating the new profile:
  1. Open the profile picker.
  2. Identify the new profile. If the user is affected it would not have any bookmarks available.
    • Note: This should only be done if users do not see bookmarks and other data.
  3. Delete the profile which doesn't have the user data.
    • Note: If you delete the profile you may not be able to recover data if sync is not enabled.
  4. Open the previous profile that should have the bookmarks and browsing data. In case of multiple profiles, try to find the right one.
  5. Ask the user to sign in on any Google product, or try to turn Sync option on.
  6. The same dialog will be displayed, ask the user to click on the checkbox to keep the data before continuing.


This issue was caused due to the prompt for profile separation introduced on Chrome v102, which has been reverted on Chrome 103. For more details visit review Chrome Enterprise and Education release notes.