Chromebook cannot be re-enrolled after repairs


Unable to re-enroll the device due to the serial number being recognized as a new device and there are no available licenses which will prompt an error about not having them when attempting to re-enroll.


  • Managed ChromeOS devices
  • Admin console


  1. You have to make sure the original SN is deprovisioned as Same model replacement, to confirm this:
  2. Log in to the Admin console.
  3. Navigate to Devices > Chrome > Devices.
  4. Here, click on Status at the top and select All.
  5. Now on the Chromebook, go to the sign in screen and hit Alt + V, the serial number will be displayed at the top of the screen. 
  6. In the Admin console, search with that serial number using the option Search or add a filter at the top.
  7. If no results are shown, it means the serial number was changed.
  8. Now search with the serial number you had before sending it to repairs.
  9. Select the device and look for the field Deprovision reason.
    • If this field has a value other than Same model replacement, the license was no longer available and you need to request its release on the backend. 



  • Replacing the motherboard gave the device a new serial number.
  • The correct serial number was not assigned.