Custom URL not working


You get the error Page is not secure proceed with caution when entering a custom URL


  • Admin console 
  • Google domains


The Admin console supports only HTTP connections for custom URLS, so you can't customize service addresses for your domain. You can check the HTTP Strict Transport Security status for your domain at Since a  domain is set up with a security measure, such as HTTP Strict Transport Security, which requires HTTPS connections. Hence, there will show an error on any browser being used

  • You can try the option where the outcome is close to that of a custom URL, in which you will create a subdomain (which is most of the time free) and do a redirection or forwarding.
  • This process and option is handled by the Google Domains team (your domain host/registrar is Google Domains[the domain branch of Google]) and as such currently out of our scope here in Google Workspace.
  • In order to get the best assistance from this option that we suggest it is best to contact Google Domains Support