Deployment issues with network share


You encounter a deployment issue when using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or Windows Deployment Services (WDS) network share.


During the deployment of Chrome OS Flex via SCCM or WDS, there are failures mapping to the network share or failures in the very beginning of the deployment process.


  1. Check the fully qualified path to the network share is being used.
  2. Verify the correct credentials are being used.
  3. Check the WinPE session has a valid network connection.
  4. Try to obtain an IP address from the command prompt.
  5. Ping a host of the share name. 
  6. Verify if proper permissions are set up on the share and the proper NTFS security for the account is mapping to the share.


Issue during the beginning of deployment can sometimes be caused by typo of the username/ password/ share name or unable to resolve the short name of the DNS name for the share. Focusing on opening up a command prompt and testing it out manually can be helpful.