Disable personal account sign in on Chromebooks


How can you prevent users to sign in with personal accounts on managed Chromebook devices?


  • Chrome OS
  • Managed devices


You must enforce the Sign in restriction policy by selecting one of the options described below:

  1. Go to Devices > Chrome > Settings > Users & browsers.
  2. Choose an option:
    • Restrict sign-in to a list of users—Only users that you designate can sign in to devices. Other users get an error message. Enter one pattern for each line for the users that you want to specify:
      • To let all your users sign in: Add person button is always available on devices. Enter: 
      • To only allow specific users to sign in:. When all the specified users have signed in to a device, the Add person button is no longer available. Enter: 
    • Allow any user to sign in—Any user with a Google Account can sign in to devices. The Add person button is available on the sign-in screen.
    • Do not allow any user to sign in—Users can not sign in to devices with their Google Account. The Add person button is unavailable.