EDU users are unable to install an Android app on ChromeOS


EDU users get the message bellow when trying to install an Android app on ChromeOS:
Your administrator has not given you access to this item.


  • ChromeOS
  • Google Workspace for Education users


By default, Android apps installation is restricted for Google Workspace for Education users. In order to allow users to install Android apps, allowed apps need to be added to the Admin console.
  1. Go to your Admin console.
  2. In the left panel, click Devices > Chrome > Apps and extensions > Users and browsers.
  3. Now click the yellow plus sign in the bottom right corner and choose Add from Google Play.
  4. Search for the app that needs to be allowed and add it. 
  5. Users should be able now to install Android apps on their ChromeOS devices.
More information about managing Apps and extensions can be found on this help center article.


Android apps are restricted unless manually allowed by Admins for EDU users.