Enable Google Calendar Computer notifications


How can youget notifications in the computer  as a reminder about upcoming events?


  • Desktop and laptop computers with internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Desktop notifications that appear outside your web browsers. Your calendar must be open.



IMPORTANT: You must open Google Calendar in an internet browser, like Google Chrome or Safari, to change notification settings. You might be asked to let calendar.google.com show notifications.

Enable notifications for all events
  1. On your browser navigate to Google Calendar.
  2. In the top right, click Settings.
  3. On the left, under General, click Notification settings.
  4. Under Notification settings, you can:
    • Turn notifications on or off: Click the Notifications drop-down and select how you want to receive notifications.
    • Adjust the timing of snoozed notifications: Turn on Desktop notifications, then click Show snoozed notifications and customize your timing.
    • Only get notifications if you respond Yes or Maybe to an event: Click the box next to Notify me only if I have responded Yes or Maybe.
Note: Snoozed notifications only appear in a Google Chrome browser.

Enable notifications for single events
  1. On your browser navigate to Google Calendar.
  2. Click the event > Edit event.
  3. Next to Notifications (Bell Icon):
    • To edit your notifications: Choose if you want to receive a notification or an email. You can change how often you want to get alerts in advance.
    • To add another type of notification: Click Add notification.
    • To remove a notification: Click Remove X.
  4. At the top of the page, click Save.


  • The web browser is closed.
  • "Google Calendar" tab is not open.
  • Notifications settings are off.
  • Disabled notifications.