Error 18017 received when attempting a migration


You see that the Data Migration Service (DMS) shows a 18017 error while attempting a migration.


  • Data Migration Service configuration


Follow the steps below in order to fix the issue:
  1. Check the username and password and try again.
  2. If the user is account is suspended, it will be necessary to restore it and try again. For details, go to Restore a suspended user.
If the issue persists, then you can choose an option depending on where the migration is being performed from: 
Migration from an existing Google Workspace account:
  1. Verify you completed the setup steps for existing Google Workspace accounts.
  2. If the issue persists, or you use 2 Step Verification, you can migrate data as if you’re migrating from Gmail.
  3. For details, go to Set up and migrate from Gmail and, if needed, try the troubleshooting step below for Gmail.
Migration from a personal Gmail account (ends with
  1. Verify you completed the preparation steps for Gmail.
  2. If the issue persists, follow the steps for error code 18020 documented.
Migration from another IMAP provider:
  1. Check with the service provider or system administrator.


This error can be observed if:
  • The IMAP credentials are invalid.
  • A user account in the source domain is suspended.