File types blocked in Gmail


Users in your organization may report being unable to attach certain files in their emails.


  • Gmail


When you try to attach a file to a Gmail message, you may notice that certain file types may be rejected to prevent viruses. Also, messages received can also be blocked because they contain these kinds of files. These file types blocked include:
  • Executable files
  • Certain types of files, including their compressed form (like .gz or .bz2 files) or when found within archives (like .zip or .tgz files)
  • Documents with malicious macros
  • Password-protected archives with archived content
  • Content, images, or links that might share viruses.
You can find here a comprehensive list of file types blocked.

If you're sure the file is safe, you can upload the file to Google Drive . Then send it as a Drive attachment. (If you are the recipient of the message, you can ask the sender to proceed that way).


Attachments in the message may be hazardous, leading to the system blocking it.