Google Meet code generated through an event fails


A Google Meet code that you generated through a Calendar event is no longer working and, when you try to access, it shows the following message: The meeting code you entered doesn’t work.


  • Google Meet


Follow the steps below to change the meeting code of an event, keeping all other event and guest information the same.
  1. Locate a Calendar event with an affected Meet code (choose a less important one to verify that the process resolves your issue if multiple codes have expired).
  2. Click on the event so the details window displays.
  3. At the top right corner, click the pencil icon to Edit event.
  4. Click the X to the right of the Join with Google Meet button and meeting code, which will remove the current meeting associated with the Calendar event.
  5. Save the event, but don't send update emails to the event guests now, because you will be returning to add another meeting next.
  6. Reopen the event and again click the pencil icon to Edit event.
  7. Add the video conferencing option by clicking Add Google Meet video conferencing.
  8. Save the event again, and this time send the event update email to the Calendar event guests so they receive an invitation with the new Meet code. 
  9. If the process resolves the issue with your first event, repeat it with all remaining events with expired meeting codes.
Note: Google Meet codes generated by Calendar events automatically expire if they are not used for 365 days and are not associated with any future events.


This is the intended behavior, as each Google Meet code has a utility period that varies depending on what Google app generated it.