How to add a progressive web app as a kiosk app


As an administrator you want to add a Progressive Web App (PWA) as a kiosk application


  • ChromeOS devices
  • Kiosk mode
  • Progressive Web Apps


  1. On the Admin console, go to Devices > Chrome > Apps & extensions page and then click on Kiosks tab,
  2. Select the organizational unit which the devices are assigned to,
  3. On the bottom right, locate the yellow plus sign (+), and then click the Add by URL option at the top with the earth logo,
  4. Enter the URL,
  5. Agree to the conditions,
  6. Once the web app is added, it is automatically set to Installed, but you can also choose Not installed or even choose to set it as the Auto-launch app.


Apps need to be manually added on the Kiosks tab of Apps & extensions page in order to be set as kiosk apps.