How to add more storage to Google Drive


You are running out of storage and are unable to receive emails or upload files to Drive.


  • Google Drive


Super admins can add more storage to the organization to let users keep getting emails or upload content to Drive.

Upgrade edition (recommended)
  1. Compare how much storage each edition offers in this storage comparison chart. Learn more about the offerings in Switch Google Workspace editions.
  2. Log in to the Admin console.
  3. Go to Billing.
  4. Click Add or upgrade a subscription.
  5. Click Switch for the edition you're interested in, and a page opens that compares your current edition and the upgraded edition.
  6. After you find the plan you want, continue through the order flow.
Buy more storage
  1. For most Google Workspace editions, you can buy Workspace Additional Storage add-on SKUs. For details visit, buy more Google Workspace storage for your organization.
Note: We've been working with our customers to transition them to Google Workspace since it launched in 2020. As of June 2022, the G Suite legacy storage add-ons are no longer available to purchase. If you're a customer with this add-on, we'll contact you when it's time to transition your storage to a Workspace offering.


To make more room, you can either delete items or talk to a super admins and see if they can upgrade your plan to get more storage.