How to change Google Drive for Desktop cache location


You want to know how to change the cache folder in Google Drive for Desktop.


  • Google Drive for Desktop
  • Cache Folder
  • Cache Directory


While you can change the location of your local cache directory, we recommend keeping it in its default location. If you need to change the location, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open Drive for desktop.
  2. Click Settings > Preferences.
  3. Click Settings .
  4. Find Local cache files directory and click Change.
  5. Select a new cache location.
  6. Click Change.
  • This setting isn’t enabled on File Provider for macOS.
  • Your local cache files directory can’t be:
    • A subfolder of a mirrored folder.
    • A parent or subfolder of your streaming locations.


Space issue, or you want to move it to a different drive partition.