How to configure Routing settings


You want to add a Routing rule to your Gmail account.


  • Gmail


  1. Log in to the Admin console.
  2. Navigate to Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail > Routing > Routing > Configure.
    • It requires a short description on the top to remind in the future what this routing is for.
  3. Under the section Messages to affect, select the boxes for Inbound and Internal - receiving.
  4. Under the section For the above types of messages, do the following, leave the drop down below under Modify message.
  5. Check the box that says Add more recipients under the Also deliver to section, click on Add.
  6. Leave the drop down below under Basic, and type the address of the destination of all of the forwarded messages.
  7. Scroll and click on Show options and under C. Envelope filter, select the option Only affect specific envelope recipients and under the drop down leave it under Single email address and type the address of the user that will be doing the forwarding from.
  8. Click on Save.