How to convert a user email to group email


How can you convert a user account email address to a group email?


  • Admin console
  • User and Organizational Level Management


This is possible by deleting the user's account to free up the email address to create a group.

Note: Please make sure to transfer the Gmail and Drive data before deleting the user. You can find more info about that in this help center article: How to delete a user.

Delete the user
  1. In the Admin console, please go to Directory > Users.
  2. From the user directory page, open the user account with the email address that you want to use in the group (that is, by clicking the name of the associated user).
  3. On the user's profile page, click on Delete User.
Create the Google Group
  1. Once the user has been freed up, please go to Directory > Groups.
  2. From the group directory page, click on Create group, and use the email address you need.