How to delete users in bulk


How to delete several users at once.


  • Admin console


Important: A user's data is unrecoverable once it's deleted. If you want to keep data like Gmail or Drive files, you need to transfer the data to another user. For more information, go below to Transfer the user's email and Transfer important files and data.

At the moment, there is no available way to delete users in bulk. Nevertheless, we can delete users in batches:
  1. From the Admin console, go to Users.
  2. Check the box for the users you want to delete.
  3. Click More options > Delete selected users.
For additional reference, you can find the entire process in this article.

Move the users you want to delete to a specific Organizational Unit (OU) using a CSV file so that when you want to delete them just go to the Admin console > Users > check the first box so that all the users will be selected, and then you can delete them.

Note: you can change the rows up to 50, so you can delete users in batches of 50.
  1. Open your Google Admin console.
  2. Go to MenuDirectory > Users.
  3. At the top of the page, click Bulk update users.
  4. Click Download User Info In CSV File to download a comma-separated values (.csv) file with all user accounts.
    Your Tasks list opens automatically and shows the progress of the download.
  5. Under Your Tasks, click Download CSV.
  6. Open the CSV file in a spreadsheet application, such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.
  7. Edit the information in the file.
  8. You can follow this organizational hierarchy as example: / (for the top-level parent–don't enter your domain name)
    /Sales (for a child below the top-level parent)
    /Students/First Grade
  9. At the top of the Users page, click Bulk update users.
  10. Click Attach CSV file.
  11. Browse to the location on your computer and attach the CSV file.
  12. Click Upload.
For reference, feel free to visit this article.