How to Enable Android apps on Chrome OS


You want to know how to enable Android apps on ChromeOS.


  • ChromeOS


  1. Check if the Android management license was added, if not add it.
    1. Log in to the Admin console.
    2. Navigate to Billing > Subscriptions > Add or upgrade a subscription.
    3. Under Categories Devices.
    4. Look for the license Android management.
    5. Click on Get started.
  2. Turn Android apps ON. Except EDU accounts.
    1. Log in to the Admin console.
    2. Navigate Devices > Chrome > Apps and extensions > Users and browsers.
    3. Select Additional settings.
    4. Under the tab Additional application settings find Android applications on Chrome devices.
    5. Please configure the policy as Allow.
Note: After 5 minutes, the managed devices will automatically install Google Play Store. If it is an EDU account, by default all Android apps are block, and the Admin will have to create the allow list.