How to generate App Passwords


How do you create an App Password?


  • Admin console
  • Security


  1. Sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Select Security.
  3. Under Signing in to Google, select App Passwords. You may need to sign in. If you don’t have this option, it might be because:
    • 2-Step Verification is not set up for your account.
    • 2-Step Verification is only set up for security keys.
    • Your account is through work, school, or other organization.
    • You turned on Advanced Protection.
  4. Choose Select app and choose the app.
  5. Click on Select device and pick the device you’re using.
  6. Click Generate.
  7. Follow the instructions to enter the App Password. The App Password is the 16-character code in the yellow bar on your device.
  8. Tap Done.

Tip: Most of the time, you’ll only have to enter an App Password once per app or device, so don’t worry about memorizing it.

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