How to increase storage for Google Workspace Legacy free subscription


You are currently under a Google Workspace Legacy free subscription, and your Google Drive add-on storage has expired, and you don't see any renewal options.


  • Admin console
  • Drive storage
  • Subscriptions


This works to product specification, as Google Workspace no longer offers individual subscriptions for storage, however here are some workarounds:

Upgrade to paid Google Workspace subscription
You can upgrade your current Legacy free subscription to a paid subscription of Google Workspace, which offers significantly more storage.
  1. Access the Google Admin console.
  2. Navigate to Billing > Add or upgrade subscription.
  3. Click on Google Workspace > select the desired edition > click on Switch.

Note: Depending on the edition the prices may vary, for more information please visit this page.


You are not aware that your Google Drive add-on storage subscription expired.