How to merge two Google Workspace accounts


You need to merge multiple Google Workspace accounts under a single Admin console.


  • Admin console
  • Domain Management


  1. DomainA will be our main domain name.
  2. Users will be created (if they don't exist yet) using @DomainA, as they will be the recipients of the content from @DomainB.
  3. Email migration will be setup to move emails from DomainB to DomainA.
  4. Drive files will be downloaded to be uploaded in the users created with the temporary @DomainA domain.
  5. Save all billing information before closing the account for DomainB (download invoices, in case you need them in the future).
  6. Cancel all subscriptions and marketplace applications in DomainB.
  7. Delete the entire account for DomainB.
  8. Add the domain name DomainB into the domains of DomainA.
  9. Rename the user's email addresses with the proper domain name (@DomainB) so they can work as before.
In short
  • Create the users in the main account, go through the transfer process to move data from the old account into the new ones.
  • Delete the secondary account, and add the domain to your main account when finished, so you can use that domain to change the email address on temporary users.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to run this process out of office hours.