How to migrate emails from Google Workspace to Gmail


The user wants to migrate their emails from their Google Workspace account to their personal Gmail account.


  • Admin Console
  • Data migration


There are two ways to perform data export of emails on the users in your Google Workspace account:

  • User-level
  • Admin-level export
User-level export
  1. Go to Google Takeout, then select Gmail on the data to export
  2. You will receive an export link on your Google Workspace email address once the data export on Google Takeout is complete, for you to be able to download the data

Admin-level export

  1. Open the Admin console
  2. Click on Data export on the right hand menu
  3. If the right hand menu is not visible on your end, click on the less than sign to pull up the menu.
  4. Once the admin data export is complete, you will receive an email with the link to select which users on your Google Workspace account will have the emails be exported
  5. Optional: After downloading the emails, we advise you to use any third party applications to open MBOX files (the format of downloaded Gmail emails)


There is no direct way to migrate emails from Google Workspace to Gmail, even though there is a way to migrate emails from Gmail to Google Workspace