How to migrate emails with the data migration service


After you complete the migration, some emails are not showing up.


  • Admin console
  • Data migration


  1. Sign in to the Admin console.
  2. Go to the menu option Account.
  3. Click on Data migration > More.
  4. Click on Exit migration.
Set up a new migration
  1. Go to the menu option Account.
  2. Click on Data migration > Set up data migration.
  3. For the Migration Source select Gmail click on Start.
  4. On Date of migration can be selected, the option Custom date and selected the date.
  5. Click on Select users.
  6. Then click on Add users and enter the Source email and complete the Authorization.
  7. Enter also the Google Workspace Email and click on Start.


The first Migration was initially setup for a period of time that was outside the time of when the emails were received.