How to prevent the consumer or unmanaged Google accounts creation in the domain


How can you prevent the creation of consumer or unmanaged Google accounts in the domain for the people that have an email address in the domain but don't have a Google Workspace user.


  • Admin console
  • User's section


Solution 1
  1. Access the Admin console.
  2. Create a user for every person who has an email address in your domain following these steps.
If by any chance there are unmanaged accounts already created, we can suggest using the Transfer Tool for unmanaged users to invite them to become managed users.

Solution 2
  1. Configure your mail server to block the Google sign up verification emails based on the following:


As long as a user can verify a non-Google email address through email, they would be able to create a consumer Google account (unmanaged account) if the email address they use does not exist in your Google Workspace account.