How to publish private Android web apps?


You want to publish private web apps for android devices to managed Google Play.


  • Android
  • Web apps


  1. In the Admin console, go to Menu > Apps > Web and mobile apps.
  2. Click Add app > Add private Android web app.
  3. Click Create.
  4. Enter a title for your web app as you want it to be listed on managed Google Play.
  5. Enter an HTTPS or HTTP URL for your web app.
  6. Choose a display mode: Display mode only applies to pages belonging to the URL. If your web app’s URL redirects to a different website, the site will open in Chrome Browser.
  7. Click Upload icon.
  8. Select your icon and click Upload.
  9. For best results, the icon should be a maskable, 512 x 512p JPG or 32-bit PNG.
  10. At the bottom, click Create. Web apps are usually published in 10 minutes. During publishing or if publishing was unsuccessful, the Web apps page lists the app as Not available yet.
  11. Select the app and then click Select.
  12. Set who can find and download the app.
  13. To let all users in your organization install the app, select Entire organization.
  14. To allow only certain users to install the app, click Select groups or Select organizational units. You can add both groups and organizational units. 
  15. Set app options:For devices under basic or advanced mobile management, you can automatically install the app on users' devices. For devices under advanced mobile management, you can prevent users from uninstalling the app.
  16. Note: The options to allow app widgets or set the app as VPN don't apply to web apps and you can skip them.
  17. Click Finish.