How to reassign an old Google Voice number


How can you reassign an old Google Voice number previously owned by your organization.


  • Google Voice


Before reassigning an old Google Voice Number, you have to make sure that it has been unassigned from the previous user or, remove the number associated with the former account and assign it to the latter one. To achieve this follow the steps described below:
  1. Go to the  Admin Console.
  2. Click Menu > Apps > Google Workspace > Google Voice.
  3. Click Numbers. (To check the old Google Voice Number)
  4. Click Users.
  5. Point to the user you want to reassign the number to and click Edit number. The number assignment window appears.
  6. In the Country/region field, click the Down arrow and select a country/region from the list. If you select a location that isn't one of your Voice locations, you get an error message.
  7. You can use one of your existing Voice locations with an additional address line (optional), or enter a new address in the form provided.
  8. In the Service address field, select the user's location to use for emergency services.
  9. In the Google Voice number field, Voice shows an available number. It should read, Previously assigned to someone else.
  10. To reassign the number, click Assign.
  11. To find a different number to reassign:
    • Click Change.
    • Next to a number in the list, click Select.
    • Click Assign.
    • Upon completing the steps, go to Google Voice and sign in using the user credentials to activate Google Voice.