How to reassing company owned devices for Android and iOS


Factory resets are needed to remove and eassign accounts from mobile devices using work only configurations


  • Factory reset
  • Advanced management
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Device Policy app


A Factory reset is mandatory for both Android and iOS and this information is publicly available in the next Help Center articles:

  1. If the device was already in use, do a factory reset. 
    Tap Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > follow the prompts.
  2. On the home screen, tap Start
  3. Connect to a mobile network or tap the Wi-Fi network that you want to use.
    Once connected, the device might check for updates.
  4. When prompted, choose an option:
    • Copy your data from another device or the cloud.
    • Set up the device as a new device.
  5. Sign in with your Google Workspace email address and tap Next.
    Your Google Workspace address is the email address that you use at your organization.
  6. Enter your password and tap Next.
  7. To accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, tap I agree.
  8. When prompted, tap Accept & continue to set up your device for work.
    Note: If you get a prompt to install a device policy app, go to step 2 (below).
  9. Follow the prompts to set up security features.

  1. In the Admin console, go to Menu > Devices > Mobile & endpoints > Settings > iOS.
  2. Click Apple certificates > Set Up Enrollment.
  3. Click Get public key. The public key downloads to your device.
  4. Open Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager and sign in with your business Apple ID. In the Device Enrollment Program section:
    1. Click Manage Servers.
    2. If you already set up an MDM Server to use for these devices, click it. Otherwise, create a server.
    3. When prompted, upload the public key you downloaded from the Admin console.
    4. Download the server token from Apple.
  5. Return to the Admin console.
  6. Under Business Apple ID, enter the Apple ID you used to get the token. This entry helps you track which admin did the setup.
  7. Click Upload Server Token, select the token you downloaded from Apple, and click Open.
  8. Click Save & Continue.
  9. The token and its expiration date are now listed on the settings page. Set a calendar reminder to renew the token before it expires.