How to recover deleted emails on personal Gmail account


How can you restore emails when they are moved from a Google Workspace account to a personal Gmail account and then deleted.


  • Admin Console
  • Gmail


If the emails were deleted on a Google Workspace account, you can restore the emails from the Admin console within 25 days of being deleted as described below:
  1. Go to the Admin console
  2. Select Menu > Directory > Users.
  3. In the Users list, find the user. If you need help, go to Find a user account.
  4. Point to the user and click More options > Restore data. You can also find this option at the left of the user's account page, under More.
  5. Select the date range for the data you want to restore, from within the last 25 days.
  6. Select the type of data you want to restore: Gmail.
  7. Click Restore.
Note: If the emails were deleted on a personal Gmail account, then there is no current tool available to restore the emails since it is a consumer account.


The emails were moved out of the user's Google Workspace account to their personal Gmail account before deleting the emails