How to remove a work profile


How can you remove a work profile from a device?


Android device setup with a work profile. 


Before removing the work profile, you need to uninstall it first by following the steps described below:
  1. Go to your Android device settings.
  2. Using the search option at the top, look for a setting named Uninstall Work Profile or Disable Work Profile.
  3. Once you have located it and used it, go to Accounts and locate the Google Workspace account.
  4. Tap on the Remove account option or Remove work profile option and should allow you to remove it. 


Work profiles can be removed by users by default, they cannot be forced to keep it (users are required to have it to sync, but are free to remove it which means they won't be able to sync the account, this is the expected behavior when advanced mobile device management is on).

Users usually get a message stating the admin does not allow for removal but that is because Android itself won't allow for an account to be removed if said account is the owner of a work profile, the work profile has to be removed first and then the account.