How to restore a suspended user


As an administrator for your Google Workspace or Cloud Identity service, you need to restore suspended user accounts that were:

  • Suspended by you or another administrator to temporarily block their access.
  • Automatically suspended by Google systems for being at risk.
  • Temporarily restricted from using their Gmail account for exceeding account limits (Google Workspace only).
  • Automatically suspended from Gmail for potential spam abuse (Google Workspace only).

Once restored, users can sign in and access all their services and data.

Important: You cannot restore an account that was suspended for abuse or for breaching the ​Google Workspace​ or Cloud Identity Terms of Service. 




  • Gmail Spam and abuse
  • Hijacking


Follow the steps described below to restore an individual user account:
  1. In the Admin console, go to Menu > Directory > Users.
  2. Click Add a filter and choose User status.
  3. Check the Suspended box and click Apply.
  4. In the Users list, on the row for the suspended user you want to restore, click More options > Reactivate.
    Tip: You can also find this option on the user's account page.
  5. To confirm, click Reactivate.


The user's account is used with a third-party app which may not use secured login technology, if the app developer is not supporting advanced login technology then users can turn on 2-step verification.