How to schedule assignments or assign material


You want to know how to schedule assignments or assign material in Google Classroom.


  • Google Classroom
  • Classwork
  • Material


Add materials

  1. Go to Google Classsroom.
  2. Click the class > Classwork.
  3. At the top, click Create Material.
  4. Enter a title and a description.

Schedule materials

  1. Follow the steps above to create material and select classes.
    • To schedule the same material across multiple classes, make sure to select all classes you want to include.
  2. Next to Post, click the Down arrow Schedule.
  3. Next to the date, click the Down arrow and select a publishing date and time for each class.
    • When you enter a time, Classroom defaults to PM unless you specify AM.
  4. For multiple classes only:
    • (Optional) Select a topic for each class.
    • (Optional) To replicate your selected time and date for the first class into all subsequent classes, click Copy settings to all
  5. Click Schedule. The material will automatically post at the scheduled date and time.