How to search for shared drives files in Vault


How can you restore data that was deleted from Drive but was held by Vault?


  • Vault
  • Search


If a retention was set up before deleting the file, you can download a copy of the file doing a search in Vault by following the steps described below:
  1. Access Google Vault.
  2. Click Matters, you can create a new search, or you can use one of the existing searches.
  3. Under Search > Service select Drive > Source > All data or Held data.
  4. Under Entity select Specific accounts and type in the email address of the owner of the file.
  5. Under Date modified select a data range when the file was deleted.
  6. On Terms you can use query terms to do an advanced search, such as title:, owner:, type:  (optional)
  7. Click Search.