How to set a user's storage limit


You want to specify how much storage a user can have.


  • Admin console
  • Storage


Before providing the steps in this article, please follow the steps below to check if the account qualifies:
  1. Open the Google Admin toolbox and search for the account.
  2. Expand Commerce > Subscriptions.
  3. Check if they are subscribed to any of the Google Workspace editions mentioned in the Solution note.
Note: Your subscription is Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus; Enterprise; Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus; Nonprofits; Essentials.
  1. Place specific users that you want to have a storage limit in a separate OU (organizational unit) or group.
  2. Go to Storage > Storage settings > Manage.
  3. Select the OU or group.
  4. Open the User storage limit.
  5. Select On and enter the amount of storage.
  6. Click on Save.