How to set up and deploy a network certificate


You need to include a certificate authority (CA) in the Chrome browser for all of your managed Chromebook devices but the CA does not show in manage certificates.


Chrome browser and Chrome OS.


You must set up TLS or SSL certificate as a CA, please follow the steps listed below: 
  1. In the Admin console, go to Menu > Devices > Networks.
  2. Go to Certificates.
  3. To apply the setting to all devices, leave the top organizational unit selected. Otherwise, select a child organizational unit.
  4. Click Create certificate.
  5. For Certificate, enter a name for the certificate.
  6. Click Upload.
  7. Select the PEM, CRT, or CER file.
    Note: Only one certificate can be included in the file. The file will be rejected if it contains no certificate or more than one certificate. DER-encoded certificates are not supported. 
  8. Click Open.
  9. For Certificate Authority, select the platforms that the certificate is a CA for.
  10. Click Add.
Note: ChromeOS devices only accept PEM format.


The file might be corrupt or the file extension is not the correct one.
It must be a PEM, CRT, or CER file for Chrome browser of PEM for Chrome OS devices.