How to set up Sphero Android app on Chromebooks


Need to set up Sphero Edu Android apps on Chromebooks to detect the Sphero robots.


  • Chromebooks
  • Sphero Edu Android apps


You must set the following settings under the organizational units of the users or students.
  1. Sign in to the Admin console.
  2. Navigate to Devices > Chrome > Settings > Users & browser.
  3. Choose the organizational unit of the user.
  4. Look for is Geolocation > set it to Allow users to decide.
  5. Find the Google Location Services and set it to Allow users to decide.
  6. On the Chromebook, go to Settings > Apps.
  7. From the application's menu, select Google Play Store.
  8. In the Google Play Store menu, select Manage Android preferences.
  9. On Android preferences, select Security & Location.
  10. Under Privacy, select Location.
  11. In the Location screen, toggle Use Location to the On position.
  12. If needed, sign out and log back into the device to refresh the Chromebook’s policies and settings.
  13. Try to scan any Sphero robots nearby.
For reference, you can check the following links:


Need to enable different location services in the Admin console and Chromebook.