How to setup local and network printers


How to set up local and network printers.


  • Admin console


  1. In the Admin console, go to Menu > Devices Chrome > Printers Printers.
  2. Select the organizational unit or group to which you want to add the printer.
  3. At the bottom right, point to Add click Add a printer.
  4. Enter the printer details.
    • Protocol: ipps
    • Host: (enter the ip address of the device)
    • Port: 631
    • Path: ipp/print
  5. (Optional) To allow the printer to be set up as a driverless printer, select Use driverless configuration.
    You do not have to enter a printer make and model. The printer provides all the details to the device.
  6. Click Add Printer.



Wrong configuration for Protocol, Host, Port and Path.