How to submit a Workspace feature idea


How can you submit and upvote Workspace feature requests, as well as participate in user experience research?


  • Google Calendar


  1. Go to the Google Workspace Feature Ideas Community
  2. At the top right, click Login to ask a question and sign in to Google Cloud Connect.
  3. To get access to the Community page, click Send request to join (allow up to 2 business days for access).
  4. Search the Feature Ideas Community to see if your idea already exists. You can also click an idea under Ideas by Product Category to check your idea has already been posted. 
  5. If you see an idea that is similar to yours, you can upvote the idea instead of posting a duplicate.
  6. If your idea does not exist, click Submit a feature and enter the feature details. 
  7. Add a product category to make your feature idea easier to find.
  8. Click Post. Your idea is then available for other members of the community to browse and vote on.