How to take Chrome OS licenses from a deprovisoned device to enroll a new one


Is it possible to retake Chrome OS licenses from a deprovisoned device to enroll a new one?


  • Admin console


Chrome Management Perpetual Licenses are attached to the device until its end of life, so when a device is deprovisioned the license can't be retaken unless you receive a new device in replacement by warranty for the vendor or the manufacturer or you have received the same device from repair but with a different serial number, those are the only case scenarios in which you are allowed to deprovision the devices as Same model replacement reason to free up the license.

The Chrome Service Licence Agreement states in the bullet 1.10 section D the following:

Replacement Customer Hardware. During the Term, Customer may, via such procedure as Google may prescribe, transfer a subscription licence to the Services from an enrolled Customer Hardware to a replacement Customer Hardware. Customer may make such subscription licence transfer even if the enrolled Customer Hardware is no longer included in the Auto Update Policy, so long as such transfer occurs during the Term. For clarify, the ability to transfer subscription licences, as permitted in this Section 1.10 (D) (Replacement Customer Hardware), will not apply to a perpetual subscription licence.