How to transfer email data when you delete a user


You want to delete a user, and transfer Gmail data, but the Transfer data option is not working.


  • Admin console
  • Data Migration Service
  • Gmail


The feature is working as intended.

  1. Sign in to the Admin console.
  2. Navigate to Menu > Directory > Users.
  3. In the Users list, find the user.
  4. On the desired user click More options > Delete user. You will receive the prompt window to transfer the user's data.
  5. Options available are: Drive and Docs, Calendars, Brand accounts, Looker Studio data to be transferred.
    • Use the DMS tool (Data Migration Service tool) to migrate the email data.
  6. Click Data migration > Set data migration up > Migration source.
  7. Click Gmail > Start > Add user > Migration start date, do not select any boxes under Migration options.
  8. Click Select users > Add users > add the Source email > Authorize.
  9. Sign in to the source email account > allow the DMS tool to run by clicking  Continue. 
  10. Proceed to add Google Workspace Email destination's account.
  11. Click Start.