How to turn Chat history On or Off for users


How can you turn Chat history On or Off for users?


  • Admin console


  1. Log in to the Admin console.
  2. Go to Menu > Apps > Google Workspace >  Google Chat.
  3. Click History for chats.
  4. Under Organizational Units, select the domain or organizational unit you want to apply settings to.
  5. Select history On or Off.
    • If you turn history On, you can use Vault to control how long messages are retained. Messages will disappear after the Vault retention period (if you set one).
    • If you turn history Off, messages are deleted after 24 hours. Vault can't hold, retain, or search direct messages that are sent with history turned off. Turning history off does not hide content from scans to detect sensitive data or abuse. See History details below for more information.
  6. To let users change their history setting, check Allow users to change their history setting.
  7. Click Save.