How to unblock a managed device


How can you unblock a user's serial number in the device list so you can access shared contacts. 


  • Mobile Device Management 


  1. In your Admin console.
  2. Go to Menu > Devices > Mobile & endpoints > Devices.
  3. Point to the device in the list and click Unblock Device. The device’s status changes from Blocked to Compliant or Non-compliant, depending on its compliance with your organization’s policies.


  • Unblock is available for devices that were blocked by an admin or automatically by a security rule. Unblock has the same behavior as Approve.
  • When a device is blocked, you can see how it was blocked (by an admin or rule) in the Admin console on the device’s details page. For details about when the device was blocked and which admin or rule blocked the device, review the devices audit log.