How to update your primary domain for Google Workspace


How can you change the domain for all users when they don't need the secondary domain anymore.


Google Workspace Admin console


Since you primary domain is already set up, you'll need to update the domain for your users as follows:
  1. Make sure important billing notifications are sent to the correct email address, and check your business contact information.
  2. If you had any domain aliases: remove and then add them back to your account.
    Note: The domain aliases are linked to the old primary domain. After you remove the domain alias, it can take 24 hours before you can add it back.
  3. If you installed apps from Marketplace: check with the app developer about whether you need to reinstall the app. If an app saves data based on the domain name or a user's email address, some data might be lost.
  4. (Optional) To edit sites on the old domain (which are visible using the old URL), have users enter the new domain name in the URL. For example, instead of, go to
  5. (Optional) Update custom logos and custom URLs that show up in your users' Google Workspace account.
If you have a Google Cloud account, there's no impact to your projects or resources. The Google Cloud organization resource display name might take several days to update.