Keyboard function keys


The mappings from Chromebook functions to Chrome OS Flex functions do not match.


Chrome OS Flex devices do not share the Chrome OS keyboard Layout. Instead, they have their original OS layout and shortcuts.


Behavior of function keys depends on the hardware.

Function Keys (Un-Managed)
For keyboards, where the function keys at the top have Function keys and media keys (like brightness, and volume symbol) you can go to the local settings of the Chrome OS Flex device and choose to use the top-level keys as function keys.

To find this setting follow the steps below for unmanaged devices:
  1. From the system tray, go to the settings page on your Chrome OS Flex device.
  2. Click on Device.
  3. Select Keyboard.
  4. Swipe the button adjacent to Treat top-row keys as function keys.
Note: Some function keys may not work exactly as it is mapped on the physical hardware, these details are always noted on the specification notes of the device which can be found on the certified model list.

Function Keys For Managed devices
  1. Log into the Google Admin console.
  2. Navigate to User & Browser > Hardware > Keyboard settings.

To view keyboard shortcuts: Press Ctrl+Alt+/ 

For additional details on keyboard differences between Chrome OS Flex and Chrome OS, please see Differences between Chrome OS Flex and Chrome OS.


Once you transform your device into a Chrome OS Flex machine, it will not have its old Operating System (OS) keyboard shortcuts.