Manage Chrome OS Users' download location


How can you allow your organizations' users to change the downloaded data allowed to be saved only in their Google Drive storage and not their local downloads folder?


  • Chrome OS
  • Policies
  • Admin console


  1. Log in to the Admin console.
  2. Go to  Menu > Devices > Chrome > Settings > Users & browsers.
  3. Look for Download location.
  4. If the user has already explicitly chosen a download location before you select Set Google Drive as default, but allow user to change or Set local Downloads folder as default, but allow user to change, the user's original choice is respected. If the user has not already chosen a download location before you select one of these two policies, the default is set but the user can change it later.
  5. If you select Force Google Drive (regardless of prior user choice), Google Drive is forced to be the download folder and a user is not allowed to change it. However, the user can still move files between local folders and Google Drive using the Files app. For Chrome version 90 and later, this setting has no effect on screenshots taken on ChromeOS. Screenshots download to the default ChromeOS downloads folder, and do not adhere to the Force Google Drive option.
  6. This setting has no effect on Android apps running on ChromeOS. Android apps usually download to a download folder mapped to the ChromeOS downloads folder, however they may download to other locations as well.

IMPORTANT: This policy applies to downloaded files only. If the user selects the Save option (Ctrl+S), the pop-up is displayed with the local Downloads folder selected.