Manage orphaned events of deleted users


A user is deleted from Google Workspace but the event that they created remains active on other user Calendar's.


  • Google Calendar


When an event organizer deletes an event, the event disappears from invitee's calendars. To remove an event with no organizer from every attendee's calendar, a Super Admin can manually delete each event from every invitee's calendar. Or, contact each invitee and ask them to delete the event from their own calendars. 

If all invitee's are internal users, the Admin can use Calendar API Events
  1. Delete to delete the events without having to individually subscribe to each guest calendar. 
  2. Use the Calendar API - Events:delete method.
  3. Under Request parameters, add:
    • calendarId: email address of the user invited to the event. 
    • eventId: add the event ID that you need to cancel. 
    • sendNotifications: optional you can leave it blank. 
    • sendUpdates: optional you can leave it blank. 
  4. Click Execute
It is recommended to follow these steps using a Google Chrome incognito window to avoid issues with cache and cookies or multiple accounts logged into the same browser. 

To get the event ID
  1. Open Google Calendar with the following link.
  2. Click the event.
  3. Click the three vertical dots at the top right, near to the X.
  4. Click Troubleshooting info.
  5. The Event ID is right after Event{eid= until the first underscore ( _ ) or  comma ( , ).


The events with no organizer are generated if the Admin does not cancel future events of users before deleting their accounts.